Our service personnel are trained at our in-house facility and are also sent overseas periodically for training in the latest technology thereby ensuring the customer global expertise!

A stringent methodology with a proactive approach is put in place with a core dextrous team solely to cater to the service requirements of the customer. Technicians at Emperor adhere to safety and industry protocols at all times and are known for their prompt action!

Operational excellence in every facet of service and delivery coupled with equipment availability has broadened our service base and given us the invaluable gift of ‘customer loyalty’!

At Emperor we go beyond communicating to customers, We connect with them!


Change is constant and so is modernisation with aged elevators!

We suggest to building owners of aged elevators to modernise the elevators rather than replace parts which may not be cost effective in the long run. We offer building owners customised modernisation solutions which enhances the building value, aesthetic appeal, ensures seamless acceleration and deceleration, adhered to current code & safety standards, improves operational reliability , ride quality and passenger safety!

We at Emperor help you understand your elevators, minimize downtime and maximise your investment!.

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