About Us

About Us

Emperor Lifts is lift manufacturers in Chennai established with the sole intention of achieving excellence in the field of vertical transportation.Synergising over two decades of experience in designing, installing and maintaining lifts using state-of-the-art technology. Emperor Lifts is peerless in terms of design, customisation, precision, quality and safety. Emperor Lifts today boasts cutting-edge technology of international standards that makes vertical transportation a pleasant experience compared to other lift manufacturers in Chennai. Emperor Lifts are being manufactured and marketed by Swift Engineering, a company of young, energetic professionals who are well experienced in Engineering, Sales and Service. Our installation base of over 3000 units in and around Chennai, Bengaluru and Pondicherry is mainly due to repeat orders from building promoters, Architects and consultants, Our ISO -9001 certification speaks volumes about our uncompromising quality/safety standards. Every component undergoes stringent quality tests in the hands of highly qualified and technically competent personnel. Every elevator we manufacture comes with the ISI mark, which stands testimony to the stringent standards of elevator safety and quality code, we are committed to.

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