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An elevator cabin is a closed spaced shaft where passengers travel from one-floor common types of lift cabin. Cabins are very smooth to travel and there are many innovative designs and customizable colours that are available. We skillfully crafted the cabins in our lift so that anyone who travels in our lift is safe.

Types of lift cabins,

  • Mild Steel Powder Coated Cabin
  • Stainless Steel Elevator Cabin
  • Luxurious Stainless Steel Etched Design Finish Cabin
  • Panoramic / Capsule Type Cabin
  • Gearless High-Speed MRL Lifts
  • Designer Lift Cabin
  • Car Lift Cabin
  • Heritage Lift Cabin
  • Passenger Lift Cabin
  • Goods Lift Cabin
  • Platform Lift Cabin

Elevator Cabin Manufacturers

Mild Steel Powder Coated Cabin

Mild steel powder coated cabin is galvanized electroplated steel, aluminium, stainless steel used for coating the cabin. To coat, we need to bake the powder at a very high temperature. Many elevator cabin manufacturers in Chennai install Mild steel powder coated cabins.

Stainless Steel Elevator Cabin

This elevator is completely made up of stainless steel. The major advantage of stainless steel elevators is that there is no requirement for paint. We at Emperor lifts make sure our steel doesn't rust that soon.

We have been the best elevator cabin manufacturers in Tamilnadu for so many years. The result of corroding steel of the iron particles will not be exposed to oxygen or moisture is the major advantage of stainless steel elevator cabin.

Luxurious Stainless Steel Etched Design Finish Cabin

As the name suggests we design stainless steel that looks luxurious and very attractive. The fine design gets embossed in stainless steel and that gives an amazing and luxurious finish to the cabin. We provide beautiful designs and stunning colour combinations that make you fall in love with our Emperor lifts products. We at emperor lift provide elevator cabin parts fully luxuriously.

Panoramic / Capsule Type Cabin

Capsule type Cabins are pretty beautiful when compared to other types of lifts, These are slightly oval-shaped lifts that are used in five-star hotels and malls to attract visitors.

We designed the glass in the panoramic cabin in a way that anyone who is travelling inside or out can be viewed, which means this type of lift is transparent. The elevator cabin design is manufactured by us beautifully.

Gearless High-Speed MRL Lifts

MRL Lifts are installed in a hoistway, and they need not have any room to operate, and so we call them Machine Room Less. The electric motor has a wheel attached and that makes it gearless. The chief advantage is that it travels at a very high travel speed. While the journey in this elevator is smooth because it contains a gearless machine. MRL elevator cabin design is also available.

Designer Lift Cabin

Designs, patterns, colour textures add beauty to this designer lift cabin. Based on the lift cabin price we add designs to your lift and make it look aesthetic. Several lift companies may provide elevator cabin interiors that cost a little more than other elevators.

Car Lift Cabin

Car lift Cabin means this particular lift, lifts the cars. This cabin needs an exorbitant amount of space to install. In Emperor lifts our trained labourers and engineers ensure the weight of the elevator is safe to carry a car inside our lift. elevator cabin size in a car lift cabin needs extra space when compared to other cabins because the size of the car may vary.

Heritage Lift Cabin

Beautiful pictures of Monuments, art, culture-related heritage work are done in the Heritage Lift Cabin. Unlike other lifts, this Heritage lift is different and attracts every kind of person. The minute detailing of work makes the heritage cabin aesthetic. One good reason to install a heritage cabin is that it occupies less space.

Passenger Lift Cabin

This Passenger Lift Cabin is an ordinary lift, passengers can travel from one floor to another floor vertically. Anyone can use the Passenger lift because they often design the control systems in a way any passenger who gets inside the lift has access throughout the building.

They can install a passenger lift anywhere where they have many storeys. Emperor lifts ensure we test elevator cabin parts and assure safety to our passengers who travel in our Passenger Lift Cabin.

Goods Lift Cabin

Companies or apartments with heavyweights use these Goods lift cabins so that any goods can be placed and lifted to a place that we need easily. Goods with a person along with the lift make it easy so that goods are delivered without any damage.

Hospital Lifts cabin

We can place stretchers in this lift so that patients can move vertically from one place to another easily. Hospitals and rehabilitation centres usually install this elevator for the betterment of patients. They usually install this type of lift in Hospitals.

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