Nov 1, 2021


While entering the elevator

  • Watch your steps carefully.
  • If the shaft is full then wait for the next car. 
  • Check the surface of the floor and make sure it's even. 
  • There are high chances for slipping if the elevator is not at a proper level
  • Step carefully if the elevator floor and lobby floor are not the levels.
  • Let elders and children step first.
  • Do not push anyone while stepping outside the elevator.

While riding on the elevator

  • When you step first inside the shaft do move inside so that other passengers can occupy comfortably.
  • Holding the hand trail is a must.
  • Paying attention to the floor indicators is a must.
  • Do take stairs if the elevator is under maintenance.
  • Listen to the signal announcement. 

safety tips for elevators

While riding on the elevator

  • People nearer to the door must exit first.
  • One must stand beforehand in the shaft and move slowly
  • Children, elderly people and pets must be held firmly.
  • Keep your wearables safe. 
  • Do not step in or out of the elevator as it is about to close the doors.
  • Stand aside when another passenger moves out of the elevator.

What someone should do when an elevator stops between floors:

  • Do call the machine room assistant. 
  • Press the emergency alarm button.
  • The elevator will contain a hand free phone or intercom. Call immediately.
  • Check the shaft if there is any instruction sheet fixed.
  • Patience is the key. 
  • Do relax and think smart.

What someone should NOT do when an elevator stops between floors:

  • Forcing the elevator door to open using the freehand must be avoided. 
  • There is plenty of air so one needs not to worry about breathing. 
  • Attempting to leave the elevator must be avoided.

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