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A residential elevator is a type of elevator that is installed in small commercial buildings and private residential buildings. The shaft of the residential elevator moves vertically in a specified size and space. The size of the home lift is typically small. It carries a maximum of 3 to 4 persons.

Home lift cost usually depends upon the shaft that is installed. Home lift prices include tax, permits, shipping, and installation fees. Home lift cost in India is usually expensive however, Emperor lifts make sure the cost of the elevator is reasonable and budget-friendly.

Home lift cost

How will a home elevator look ?

The home elevators are elegant and the shaft moves freely and efficiently. The style of the home elevators looks aesthetic when we blend the design inside the elevator. We have a variety of colour combinations so it is easy to blend the elevator design with your home decor.

There are two types of elevator, one is a free-standing lift the other is an in-built lift. Freestanding lift is used by physically challenged people, and the inbuilt lift is used by ordinary people to move from one place to another place vertically. You can either install a freestanding lift or an inbuilt one according to your convenience.

Where can a elevator fits ?

Our diverse products include various sizes and shapes that will fit in any part of your home. Our well-trained engineers and architectural designers will help you at the time of installation regarding the size and shape and help you fit the elevator according to your needs. One major advantage is that the home elevator is fire resistant. A fireproof wall encloses the shaft so you can fit the elevator inside your home.

Home lift

Traditional home lift cost factors

  • Hoistway is used for enclosing the traditional home lift.
  • In a traditional home elevator, we provide gear, counterweight and drilling drum as a drive system.
  • When the home elevators is not in use, it looks like a separate room. Emperor lifts are customer-friendly.
  • We provide home lift service as fast as possible making sure that your demands are met earlier.
  • Our inventories make sure we innovate elevators that are eco friendly and budget-friendly making us the top home lift manufacturers in India.
  • Home lift cost may vary depending on the size and dimensions of the lift.
  • our technicians will guide you from the installation service to preventive maintenance and after-sales service
  • Emperor Lifts is the best home lift service provider that meets the customer needs that provides the best home lift in chennai
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