Machine Room Less Elevator

Machine room less elevators ( MRL) does not require a machine room and uses traction or hydraulic for lift. It’s compact, uses less space and can be used for any lift dimension and lift size.

Quick service

The Emperor lifts a quick service team to attend to any kind of problem that requires attention. They are highly qualified with expert service history.

Customisation of lifts

Emperor lifts being a customisable elevator company that can customise your lifts into a variety of lift dimensions and lift sizes.

Biometric recognition system

Emperor lifts is a lift company that focuses on safe and secure elevator transportation. Our biometric systems keep your travel safe and secure.Emperor Lifts range of products include an ample variety of lifts for different purposes available in the market than many other indian elevator companies. We are proud to say we produce the variety with state of the art engineering indigenously. Have a look at our list of products and see which would suit your need:
Why Modernisation of Lifts?

✔ Power saving

✔ Ease of Operation

✔ Smooth travel

✔ Accurate level of landings

✔ Automatic rescue

✔ State of the Art Technology

✔ Complying to Indian Standards

A lift is in its initial welding process stage.
Lift manufacturer

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