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Every modern residential or commercial or factory building in India today has many floors and thus requires an elevator. Passenger lifts are essential for the movement of a large number of people in and out of the building and so everyone agrees to install it. But the decision to install a Goods or the Freights lift is usually debated.

Goods Lift manufacturers

A freight lift as the name suggests is designed and manufactured to carry freight or goods. They are larger in size and have more power to transport heavy things generally like furniture or appliances for a residential building. Or heavy goods or machinery in a commercial complex.

They are custom made to fit the needs of say a warehouse, shopping mall or even a factory. They can be fitted with double doors and built of specific dimensions too.

The freights lifts or the Goods lift can either be hydraulic or traction. Steel ropes are pulled along a deeply grooved pulley to move the cars in the traction lifts. While pistons are used to push the elevator up from below in the hydraulic lifts. Another type of small-sized freight lifts called the dumbwaiters are popular for a small facility typically with less than 4 floors. They are used to transport household goods like laundry or groceries up and down. The older version of dumbwaiters ran on a rope and pulley but some of the modern ones also use an electric motor.

With so many options to choose from, the need for a quality Goods lift or a freights lift should not be ignored. Contact Emperor Lifts for a quote on the best option for your facility.

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