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Machine Room Less

Machine room less elevators


MRL Elevator

  • Machine Room Less elevators are specially designed elevators that are installed without any machine room and directly placed near the hoistway.
  • The MRL elevator operates on the principle of a gearless synchronous motor and a traction induction VVF motor.
  • The elevator moves on the steel cord cableway just like other elevators. The frequency converter combines with the synchronous motor.
  • The standard features of a machine room-less elevator include emergency alarm, independent operation, automated monitoring system, time & temperature delay and intercom facility.
  • It works based on the gearless traction machine which is located near the hoistway.
  • The counterweight assists the machine in turning the electrical sheave which moves the cab through the hoistway.




Cost Effective

Guide to MRL Elevators

There are certain guides on purchasing a Machine Room Less elevator. One must install an MRL elevator because they save lots of space in the building, unlike other traditional elevators like hydraulic and dumbwaiter elevators they do not require any hydraulic oil. They have duplex control, a handrail in the car, a time & temperature display and a closed-loop system to monitor elevator performance, energy-efficient, designed for small and mid-sized buildings, safe to install in flood-prone areas, cost of installation is low.

Here’re a few of the top reasons to buy use Machine Room Less Elevators manufactured by us:

Machine room less Elevators saves space

MRL elevators do not require any machine room thus it takes less space than any other traditional elevators like the hydraulic elevator, passenger elevator and dumbwaiter elevator. Apart from saving space, machine room-less elevator consumes less than 70% to 90% of electricity.

Modern and High-Tech

MRL traction elevators are modern and high-tech elevators because they save a lot of space, consumes less amount of energy and are easy to maintain. Because of their modern and high-tech quality, the shaft in the elevator moves in a safe and reliable way. Emperor Lifts is known for the best quality elevators and thus making us one of the best MRL lift manufacturers in Bangalore.

Less Power and Easy to maintain

When compared to the hydraulic elevators, dumbwaiter elevator and vacuum elevator the maintenance and power consumption of the MRL elevator is less. The power consumption is more in hydraulic elevators because of the machine room. In the case of the MRL elevator, the power consumption is less because there is no need for a machine room. MRL elevators are rope-assisted elevators. Usually, multistory buildings and commercial establishments install machine room less elevator in Bangalore.


We see that the reliability and accessibility of our elevator are of high quality. Likewise, all MRL elevator products differ greatly in their construction requirements for accommodating them. This is because of the various specialised properties of cab suspension, as well as the placements of the machine, controls, and counterweight. Because MRL elevators come in so many variations it is important to choose the right one for your establishment.

MRL Elevators in bangalore


Doors – Automatic/Manual [Automatic – mild steel, stainless steel
Manual – ms imperforated door, ms telescopic

Cabin – Mild steel, wooden, stainless steel


safety doors
Safety Doors
Emergency Stop
Emergency Stop
Swift movement
Swift Movement
1 MTRS/SEC1600220020002250

Are MRLs Safe?

MRL elevators are safe to travel for passengers. At Emperor Lifts, we install elevators with complete security and safety. Our well-trained technicians stay up to date on the newest trends and techniques in the MRL elevators business. Emperor Lift uses innovative approaches to produce efficient elevators that are safe to install in both residential and commercial establishments. We customise and install high-quality machine room less lift in Bangalore for our customers.

Types of Machine Room-less Elevators

There are three types of Machine room-less lift. They are Inline elevator, front & side elevator and front and rear. Here, we will look into the front & side elevator and the front & rear elevator.

Front and Side Elevator

  • The elevator door operates in a way that the elevator door closes and opens in both the front and side of the elevator.
  • The elevators adapt to the building construction where the opening and closing of the window opens sideways according to the construction type.
  • This front and sideways in the elevator are useful in many ways.
  • This is a rail-mounted MRL that solves certain construction challenges.

Front and Rear

  • The elevator door operates in a way that the elevator door closes and opens in both the front and back of the elevator.
  • This type of elevator can be used on short floors and split levels.
  • This front and back way elevator are used in many ways. This specific front and rear can be installed in the both commercial and residential establishments.

Benefits of Machine Room less Elevators

1. Less Space Usage

Machine room-less lifts require very less amount of space for installation because they do not require any separate room for a machine room. This allows architects and trained professionals to take advantage of the extra space, giving them unprecedented design freedom.

2. More Energy Efficient

MRL elevators are energy-efficient elevators. When compared to other hydraulic elevators, machine room-less elevators consume very less amount of energy. They consume less than 60 percent to per cent of energy. There is a significant reduction in energy cost.

3. Designed for small and Mid-size Buildings

MRL elevator in Bangalore is designed for small and mid-sized buildings. Saving space in a small or medium-sized structure may be quite beneficial. MRL elevators are developed with the space constraints of smaller structures in mind. Emperor lifts customises the MRL elevator at best price in Bangalore.

4. Flood-Prone Areas

MRL elevators can be installed in flood-prone areas. They are flood-prone because they are installed at the top of the hoistway. The hoistway height keeps the machine away from the water thus MRL is an excellent alternative for flood-prone locations.

5. Lower Cost to Install

MRL elevators are affordable and easy to maintain. MRL lift installation is an easy process. Before installing an MRL elevator the MRL elevator manufacturers must recheck the components such as hoistway, car lifts, lighting, ventilation and energy sources. MRL elevators offer cost savings for installation by eliminating the need for a separate chamber or hidden hydraulic cylinder. Thus elevators cost is low and is easy to maintain.

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