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The first elevator designs date back to the Archimedes times, when he built his first elevator in 236 BC. In more recent times, the king of France had installed a flying chair for his queen in her palace in 1743. More recently, with the industrial revolution simple designs of elevators were built to transport coal from mines and timber from hillsides. The combination of steel beams construction and a need for movements of goods at ports and mines gave rise to our modern-day elevator designs.

Energy efficient elevator designs

Energy efficient elevator designs

There have been several changes to the elevator designs ever since Archimedes built his first one. The modern-day elevators are highly efficient, smooth running with sleek designs and rich finishing. Emperorlifts provide the best lift service in chennai.

What factors make the elevator designs to be energy efficient?

  • The improved hardware and other systems combined with the software or microprocessor- based controls in the elevators make them highly efficient, compact and allows less space for installation.
  • Harnessing the regenerative drive technologies of the elevators so that the generated power could probably be used in the lighting of elevators
  • Allowing the elevator cars to enter sleep mode by in-build sensors that can turn off lights, music and displays when not in use helping to conserve energy.
  • Using a central electronic dispatch controls that allows fewer stops by combining the elevator stop requests. This way the elevator will not stop at every floor during peak times.
  • Some buildings deploy separate elevator cars for odd and even floors further bringing down the energy usage.

At Emperor Lifts we design and build home elevators that are highly energy efficient that does not increase your power costs. Our elevator designs are also very compact and requires less space to install.

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