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Using an elevator is comfortable but many still worry about the safety features of an elevator. Worrying about a freefall
or incidents of the elevator coming to a complete halt haunts them. Elevator accidents staged in the television and movies makes it worse! But there are numerous safety features in place that enable smooth and safe vertical travels for us. Emperor Lifts manufacture their elevators with utmost care and have all industry approved safety features in place. Let’s read on to find out more.

Elevator ropes

The elevator ropes used in an elevator system are made of several lengths of steel ropes each wound around one another to make it strong and sturdy.

Each elevator rope is capable of supporting the elevator car and its counterweight. But multiple elevator ropes ensures the factor of safety and smooth movement.

Speed Governor

The speed governor acts in centrifugal principle and clamps the systems when there is a malfunction and stops the elevator car from any further movements. This is the safety feature that avoids any free fall of the elevator.

Door Sensors

The modern elevators are fitted with double doors – one for the elevator shaft and the other to the elevator car. The car door protects the passengers from falling off when riding the elevator, while the shaft doors protect from falling into the empty elevator shaft. The cars are also fitted with load sensors that keeps the door open unless a few people get off. The motion sensors on the door avoid the risk of trapping people as they get in and out of the elevators, especially helpful for the elderly and young passengers.

At Emperor Lifts, all the safety features are implemented to ensure a safe and smooth vertical ride. Get in touch with our representative at 1800-425-19000 to know more.

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