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  • People in trauma, accidents and severe health issues approach hospitals immediately in order to recover.
  • Elevators play a major role in hospitals for solving their health issues immediately.
  • Hospital lift can be used to take a person who is heavily wounded from one floor to another.
  • Here elevators help the patients move from one floor to another floor vertically.
  • Hospital lifts are not only for patients, even doctors and nurses make use of the elevator in case of an emergency.

Hospital Lifts

Safe Movement

Senior citizens, bedridden patients and people who cannot move can make use of the elevator. Safety plays a major role when patients are inside the elevator more than just the movement of an elevator; the convenience of the patient inside the elevator matters the most.

There are a few factors one must know before installing the hospital elevator; they are door sensors, emergency evacuation features, door restraint and hoistway safety switches.

Caters to Emergency Situation

During an emergency situation like an accident, the doctors and nurses need to arrive at the operation theatre early to treat the patient. In such cases, the speed of the lift needs to be maximum.

Raises the Efficiency of the Medical Staff

Every minute there is an emergency case in the hospital. Doctors, nurses and medical staff must be present at the right time in case of emergency. In that case, they can’t use steps, instead, they can use elevators and save patients at the right time.

Caters to certain sections of people

Though normal people use lifts to save their time and energy, certain people with immobility need an elevator as they can’t travel through floors like other people. Emperor lifts customise wheelchair lifts and handicap lifts for immobile people.

Hospital Lift Manufacturers

Characteristics of hospital lift

Here we will discuss some of the important characteristics and measurements of the hospital lift. The hospital elevator needs to be smooth and must work efficiently because immobile people and patients use hospital lifts. Some characteristics that hospital elevator manufacturers must know before manufacturing are listed below. They are efficiency and availability, accessibility and security.

Efficiency and Availability

From transferring the beds from one operating theatre to another room hospitals need elevators. A separate elevator for visitors, patients, attendants, cleaners and doctors must be installed so that availability of lifts in the hospital will be sufficient for everyone. Hospital lift size must be customised in a way that is spacious.


Elevators must be installed in a way they are accessible for all patients. During, EMS(Emergency Medical Service) stretchers play a vital role and thus the size of the cabin in the hospital lift is commodious. The entrance and exit door in the hospital lift must be wide open for the stretchers to enter with no obstacles.


As hospital lifts are mainly used for carrying patients, safety is an important factor. The cabins must be durable and resistant. The remote monitoring system must be connected to an elevator for any emergency. Apart from this, hospital elevator requirements such as alarm button, acoustic signalling and parachute need regular maintenance.

frequently asked questions

1. How to use lift in hospital?

As you move the patient, provide head and neck support. Pull the lift back using the push handles once the person has reached the desired height. When moving the person, do not move the lift with the arm.

2. What is a patient lift?

A lift that helps the patients move from one floor to another in a hospital is called a patient lift. There are many types of patient lifts. They are manual patient Lifts, power patient Lifts, battery powered, full-Body Lifts, sit to stand Lifts, bariatric patient Lifts, heavy-duty bariatric, full-body lifts, folding portable lifts, voyager ceiling lifts, and slings.

3. Which type of lift is used in hospital?

There are many types of lifts we use in hospitals. They are stretchers lift, bed lift, handicap lift, wheelchair lift and patient lift. Let it be any type of lift, lift in hospitals must work smoothly and efficiently causing no disturbance to the patients.

4. What size is a hospital bed lift?

The hospital bed lift is usually spacious, safety and comforts the patient. The hospital lift dimension is usually 1600mm to 5200mm. We provide hospital bed lifts, stretcher lifts, a patient lifts and other types of hospital lifts in a customised way. The capacity carrying weight ranges from 1600kg to 200kg in the speed that ranges from 0.4m/s to 30m/s. Hospital lift price in India varies according to size and dimension.

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