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How much space is required for a 2 person lift in India?

If you were to install a lift at your house, space is the most important factor that you should consider before types, styles, and what suits your house. In the old day, lifts were huge and clunky for residential homes. But modern technology and innovations have led to smaller and more compact lifts being launched. Generally speaking lift size for 2 persons in India would consume space as much as your stairs. Even better if it is an MRL elevator, it doesn’t have a separate machine room which can save a lot of space. But how much space do you really need for a 2 person lift, let’s look into it.

2 person lift

If you are looking for a 2 person lift in India, then the space requirements are listed below :

Cabin width and length: 90cm*90cm 

Headroom (space from the base of the bottom floor to the roof of the top floor): 2400mm is the minimum requirement for the 2 person lift. 

Pit depth ( Space needed under the cabin floor): 150mm 

If you are looking for a lift that is also wheelchair accessible then the requirements are: 

Cabin width and length: 90cm*120cm

Headroom (space from the base of the bottom floor to the roof of the top floor) : 2400mm

Pit depth ( Space needed under the cabin floor) : 150mm

These dimensions are just for reference, but we can even create elevators based on your floors and the needs of your buildings. 

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