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In accordance with the door access control credential, the access control system determines the floor that can be reached. The access control system depends mainly on the control panel. The control panel in an elevator panel includes a closed-circuit television (CCTV). The closed-circuit television is integrated with the elevator access system to monitor the access of elevator usage on respective floors.

The access to the elevator is based on user verification. Thus the elevator control access system provides safety and security while travelling inside the elevator shaft. Here we will discuss the advantages and features of elevator access control systems that elevator manufacturers in Bangalore and lift vendors in Bangalore must know before installing in an establishment.

Elevator access contrl system

Advantages of elevator access control system :

  • The elevator access system is cost-effective and provides safety for elevators in Bangalore.
  • The connection of an elevator access system is easy because of its embedded network interface.
  • The installation process of an elevator control access system is easy.
  • They provide safety and security.
  • The usage of CCTV in an elevator helps in reducing malpractices like robbery or theft

Disadvantages of elevator access control system :

  • The access system for elevators needs to be present on each floor, and the entire access control system needs to be expandable and adaptable across all floors.
  • Video surveillance system and access control device is integrated into a building automation system.
  • The system administrator must hold the card for all accessible floors.
  • The key fob and proximity card must be provided to the individual users.
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