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A commercial dumbwaiter is a lift that will have all the safety apparatus and mechanisms adhering to the international code of safety regulations. This will enable them to work in commercial establishments and buildings. They are also made differently i.e their grade rails and pulley mechanisms are made from high-quality industrial components and machinery. This makes this dumbwaiter lifts commercial ready.

Commercial Dumbwaiter Manufacturers

How does a commercial dumbwaiter work?

A commercial dumbwaiter working mechanism is very identical to a standard elevator system. The control system in these elevators varies since they are operated by a call or send system. Their pulley mechanisms are also similar but their cabins are very much different. They employ traction systems that are efficient for high-speed delivery and a high number of floors served. They have different cars that are on par with different dumbwaiter lift sizes.

3 Key Benefits of a Commercial Dumbwaiter:

Commercial dumbwaiters are very much helpful for various types of businesses and they have several advantages. We have listed out a few advantages for commercial elevators.

  1. Workspace safety and avoidance of risk of injury
  2. Workflow efficiency
  3. Help employees

1. Workspace safety and avoidance of risk of injury

One of the key benefits of a commercial elevator is that it is ideally safe to lift things from one floor to another with ease. They do not have the risk of manual labour induced injury.

2. Workflow efficiency

Dumbwaiter lifts can highly organise the workflow in a systematic way within a restaurant or any type of building. They can minimise human errors and can also save a substantial amount of time moving objects within a floor.

3. Help employees

Dumbwaiter lifts can avoid manual labour to a huge level and can also assist the employees. This saves time and physical hardship associated with carrying objects within floors.

Commercial Dumbwaiter Manufacturers in chennai

Industries That Benefit From a Commercial Dumbwaiter

It’s a general consensus that dumbwaiter lifts are used only in restaurants, but it’s far from the truth. They can be employed in various industries that require carrying small loads between floors. They are also used in hospitals and medical facilities to load and unload medical supplies.

  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Libraries
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Offices

1. How to make a dumbwaiter lift?

A commercial dumbwaiter can be made using a guide rail, an opposite guide rail and a trolley system. The trolley system should be attached to a motor or gear assembly. This motor system pulls the pulley to lift the dumbwaiter cabin above different floors. They have an inbuilt controller system to facilitate hassle-free movement between different floors. Commercial dumbwaiters also come with important safety mechanisms that are on par with international safety protocols.

2. How much does a dumbwaiter lift cost?

Pricing of a Commercial dumbwaiter in Chennai depends on the dimensions of commercial dumbwaiter lifts and the mechanisms involved in the installation. They are hugely customisable and have varying load capacities. The price also depends on the car manufacturing materials used. The other cost that is associated with a commercial dumbwaiter lift is the installation charges.

3. How much weight can a dumbwaiter hold?

Usually, commercial dumbwaiter lifts cost around a net load capacity of 75- 500 pounds. This is restricted due to safety code regulations. Since they have a small car/cabin, they have a limit to the weight they can carry. Above 500 pounds they are categorised as freight elevators. A commercial dumbwaiter can hold more weight than a residential dumbwaiter.

4. What is the difference between a residential and a commercial dumbwaiter?

A residential dumbwaiter is a lower modelled version of a commercial dumbwaiter lift. The residential dumbwaiters are stripped down of many features that are present in commercial dumbwaiter lifts. Residential dumbwaiters also have lighter pulley systems since they are designed to carry only a few pounds. Commercial dumbwaiter lifts have heavy-duty motors and mechanisms that are on par with the safety regulations and protocols in the market.

5. Is it called a food lift or a dumbwaiter?

Food lifts are usually commercial dumbwaiter lifts that are used in restaurants for the delivery of food between floors. Generally, they are called dumbwaiter lifts when they are employed in other commercial establishments. In the early days, they were called food waiters as they were employed to bring floors from the basement of the inventory. Emperor Lifts is the best dumbwaiter manufacturers in Chennai with wider range of customer service in a customized manner.

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