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The Four Most Common Elevator Problems Discovered in Routine Inspections

Routine inspection is mandatory when it comes to elevator maintenance and lift service. A routine inspection helps the service personnel to identify problems in advance and helps in preventing grave accidents. As lift manufacturers, we have listed the various problems that can be discovered in routine inspections below.

Solutions for common elevators issues

Problem: Worn Sheaves

An elevator sheave is a pulley that is connected to the elevator hoist rope system. They help to move the elevator up and down and keep it supported at all times. The sheaves are necessary for healthy operation for any elevator are an integral part of the pulley system.

Solution : Sheave regrooving

Sheaves must be regrooved to avoid hoist lifting problems in an elevator. They are also susceptible to wear and tear. Hence, elevator manufacturing companies in Chennai must stress the maintenance and regular checks of the sheaves to prevent any mishap from happening in the future.

Problem: Power failure

Elevators rely on heavy power usage for their motors and other control systems. Any fluctuations in power drawing and delivery mechanism should be monitored properly. This can be disastrous to the motors as well as the whole elevator system. This can be prevented by a power quality survey.

Solution : Infrared Inspection

To detect power failures an elevator maintenance program utilizes infrared thermography to detect drastic temperature differences. This can prevent possible trouble spots that can cause costly system failures. The common faults that are identified with this system are over/under voltage and thermal indifferences.

Problem: Contamination

Everyday usage of the elevator system can put a lot of stress on the mechanism and when there is wear and tear, small pieces of metals can get into the oil to cause improper lubrication and contamination of the oil.

Solution : Oil and lubrication analysis

Systematic checks of the oil and lubrication are mandatory to check for properties that can identify contamination or wear inside of the motor. When the analyst identifies the presence of bronze it may indicate the wear in the crown gear of the elevator system.

Problem: Noisy bearings or bearing malfunction

Bearing malfunction is one of the top causes of all motor failures. When there is substantial noise produced in the bearing, it may indicate the vibrations within the motor. This is due to premature wear on the bearings that can cause several damages to the motor system.

Solution : Inductive absorbers

To tackle the wear on the motor bearing we suggest using an inductive absorber that can absorb the current and vibrations to protect the motor from wear and tear. The absorber can absorb stay current in the system and electric noise originating from the system.

Solutions for common elevators Problems

Problem: Misaligned motor drive

When there are multiple systems that are coupled to each other in an electric system, the alignment of the shaft is critical. A misaligned motor shaft can cause the critical breakdown of the motor and the associated machinery in an elevator system.

Solution : Motor alignment

The correct alignment of the shaft can be identified using advanced laser measuring equipment or a straightedge and string. We also suggest using geared systems that utilize flange mounted motors that do not require re-alignment of the shaft, if they are disassembled.

Need help in troubleshooting elevator problems?

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