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Doors in an elevator play a vital role. The safety of an elevator is hugely dependent on the elevator door. We have two elevator door types. One is an elevator manual door and the other one is a lift automatic doors. The door in an elevator is a conditional safety element for operating the lift. In this article, we will discuss elevators and their door types.

Elevator doors

As Emperor lifts manufactures,

  • Automatic Doors
  • Manual Doors


The name of an elevator says it all. The doors in an elevator are designed to work manually. They are non-automatic doors or doors that can be used manually by hand. The door that is placed inside the gate is tubular. Elevator manual door lock is a key aspect one must look for in non-automatic doors.

Manual Imperforated Door

Imperforated doors have many characteristic features such as a strong, robust nature. manual door elevators are also durable. The doors are usually made up of mild stainless steel. The mild stainless steel provides durability to the elevator door. They powder coat the doors to avoid doors from corrosion.

Elevators Doors

Manual Telescopic Sliding Door

Manual telescopic door elevator are found in small spaces; they are space saving technology. The panel of an elevator sliding door gives a ravishing rich look. manual telescopic elevator doors are transparent and visible from both outside and inside. The doors in this elevator are installed in an aesthetic way so that the doors look elegant and neat. For more queries about design contact elevator manual door factories.

Manual Swing Door

High-traffic pedestrian areas usually use manual swing doors. In this type of elevator, the door will close only when the person inside the elevator operates. The swing helps in saving space on a lateral plane by the use of direct vertices.


Automatic doors works in a way that requires an activation signal using a sensor for the activation of the motor gear. When no one is in the elevator, then the elevator waits for a second and closes the door automatically. Safety is the main aspect manual elevator doors manufacturers must know.

Automatic SS Door with Glass

An automatic stainless steel door is made from pure stainless steel alloy for increased rigidity. One main speciality of this type of door is it comes with a glass option. The laminated glass, annealed glass, heat-strengthened glass and toughened glass are used as a door option for elevator doors.

Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door

The slide in front of the elevator lodges up with itself or other using the reduction space on the side. The telescopic sliding that works automatically is called an automatic telescopic sliding door. Emperorlifts manufacturers the best elevator doors and provides the best service to the customers.

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