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I am not going to scare you; here are a few pointers to look into to be safe when stuck in an elevator. Yes, it is natural to have fear in mind when stuck inside a lift. You can stay calm and these do’s and don’ts can be useful when encountered in a similar situation.

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The Do’s when stuck in a lift

Do stay calm

You could be in a precarious situation but try to stay calm. Try to maintain calmness and attempt to keep your fellow beings calm. It is really important to stay calm as you could get assistance quickly and act faster.

Ring the alarm

Click on the icon that shows the bell icon or the call button, and wait for help to be answered by a well-equipped person.

Reach out

Call for help. Try shouting for help if you are near the floors. You can also give a call to someone close if you manage to get a signal.

Follow the instructions

When a lift operator approaches for help, listen and follow his instructions. They are trained to help you in such situations. Depending on how well you follow the instructions, they can rescue you faster.

Move to the rear of the elevator

Quickly move to the rear of the lift service, once you have called for help, this lets emergency services who are trying to rescue you enter without harming you.

The Don’ts

Don’t Jump Up and Down

You may think that by jumping up and down you might give it a jump start but you will only be worsening the chances of getting retrieved faster, and it could also affect the car’s stabilizer system.

Don’t attempt to force the doors open

Don’t Jump Up and Down

Even if you find the doors open slightly, never try to force open the doors it can be dangerous. Wait for some assistance from the lift operators or some skilled person to save you from such situations.

Stay calm and you can be saved quickly by the emergency services. To reduce the chances of such situations you can ensure that regular lift maintenance is in place. Looking to install an elevator at home?

Emperor lifts is one of the leading lift service in Chennai, India that offers the latest advancements in lift manufacturing. Your safety is our priority!

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