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A Step-by-Step Guide to Elevator Maintenance Inspections

The elevator maintenance ensures that the lift is not under any maintenance risk. The elevator works smoothly and efficiently. The cost of repairing the elevator is expensive and it’s hazardous too. Submitting a monthly maintenance summary can be very useful and it’s the best way to maintain an elevator. Emperor lifts elevator installation and maintenance process is mentioned in our catalogue for our customers.

  1. Carry out regular maintenance
  2. Identify your problem spots
  3. Ensure that the elevator machine room is working properly
  4. Elevator units should be in top working order
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1. Carry out regular maintenance

To maintain a very smooth operation the shaft must be under regular maintenance. Finding the hazardous part, diagnosing it and fixing the elevator is the correct way to repair an elevator.

2. Identify your problem spots

One can identify that the elevator is under problem easily by the sound of the gear. The worm gear reduced system that lift manufacturers install helps you to identify the problem easily. Another way to identify the problem is by the opening and closing the door of an elevator. Once the elevator is under repair, it is good to quote that elevator is under maintenance for the users to be aware.

3. Ensure that the elevator machine room is working properly

The primary one about the elevator is the machine room. A selective person can access the machine room. The authority who access the machine room must ensure the entire safety of the shaft. Under elevator maintenance quotation format, the machine room has sufficient lighting and is fire-resistant.

4. Elevator units should be in top working order

Cleaning the elevator regularly, lubricating the elevator when needed and adjusting the elevator are the three major mechanical functions of the elevator that should be under top working order for maintaining a lift. Other than this emergency lights, emergency calls, fire service and cable measurement must be maintained properly.

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What to include in an elevator maintenance checklist?

The checklist for elevator maintenance helps in minimising the risk and allows the shaft to travel smoothly and efficiently from one place to another vertically. There are a few guidelines and inspections that will help in repairing the elevator and ensure safety for the users. Here are some elements elevator maintenance technicians must look for inspection during the elevator maintenance services.

Outside the car

  • The fire alarm button inside the shaft must be tested outside and inside the shaft.
  • Test the smoke detector
  • Analyse the panels in the door

On top of the car

  • An emergency door on the top of the car is necessary.
  • Check the pulleys and cables for proper movement.
  • Check the hoistway in the elevator

In the pit

  • The maintenance of the pit must have proper access.
  • Examine the water leakage in the pit.
  • Inspect the spring buffers, rollers, guide rails and switches regularly.
  • Clean the wastage of plastic and paper regularly.

Inside the car

  • Analyse the elevator’s doors whether they open and close with no obstruction.
  • Check if there is damage inside the cladding, handrails and interiors inside the shaft.
  • The accuracy of the levelling, acceleration and deceleration is the key factor to be checked by travelling vertically inside the lift.
  • Look at the position indicator light and replace it using burned out lights.

In the machine room

  • Check the level of the oil and make sure it’s lubricated.
  • The headroom of the elevator must contain nothing apart from the elevator equipment.
  • For overheating, analyze the electrical components.
  • Regularly inspect if there is any leakage or vibration.
  • The defects in the electrical wiring can entirely cause damage to the entire lift

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