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  • Emperor Lifts is one of the integral lift manufacturers offering top-of-the-class lift maintenance services in Chennai.
  • Lift maintenance is mandatory for healthy operation and increases the durability and reliability of an elevator in the long term.
  • Emperor Lifts offers a lift maintenance service program that can guarantee the long term operation of the elevator.
  • It can also prevent excessive wear and tear by long term usage.
  • We also perform an array of checks to ensure if all components are working as they were originally designed to do so.
  • Your elevator is a valuable asset, protect it with emperor lifts.
Lift Maintenance Services


Elevator repair service

With long term repeated usage, it is inevitable that any elevator is prone to wear and tear. Emperor Lifts offers best-in-class elevator repair service through their well-experienced service personnel. Our expert technicians strenuously attend to emergency calls and show up on-site for elevator repair and service. Our goal is to minimise elevator downtimes and offer reliable service. Emperor Lift’s repair department is designed to get your elevators up and running as soon as possible with ease.

Preventive elevator maintenance

Emperor Lifts takes a provocative approach when it comes to elevator maintenance. Hence we have an extensive elevator preventive maintenance program. This program reduces elevator downtime and prevents operational failure. The preventive program is designed in such a way that the passenger risk is averted. This also drastically improves elevator performance and energy efficiency of cutting down costs. Sign up with Emperor Lifts for enhanced operational excellence.

Why choose Emperor Lifts for your lift maintenance?

Emperor Lifts is one of the prominent lift manufacturers in Chennai offering best-in-class Lift maintenance services in chennai. Since we take safety as our first priority, we have designed maintenance programs specifically to ensure passenger safety for all types of lifts. Our maintenance programs are the backbone of our organisation. We take enormous pride as a company that values the safety and well-being of our users in every possible way. Our technicians are also trained exceptionally well in maintenance programs from premier institutions.

Individual service emperor lifts service agreements to suit you

Emperor Lift’s maintenance programs include individual service agreements that suit your needs. They are tailor-made maintenance programs specifically designed for your elevator. This minimises cost and maximises efficiency. Our expert technicians carefully analyse the elevator performance and its machinery and structural components to arrive at a concrete customised elevator maintenance program. Emperor lifts are one of the leading manufacturing industry in chennai with our best service we satisfy the customers and develop the trustworthy relationship with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is lift maintenance?

Lift maintenance is the process of providing an elevator system with necessary preventive action to avoid excessive wear and tear. Lift maintenance also ensures the smooth and continued operation of an elevator system. They carefully monitor the machinery and components to look for possible wear and tear and replace it with new components. This increases the longevity of the elevator system and also decreases elevator downtime.

2. How much does lift maintenance cost?

Elevator maintenance programs start from an average of INR 5 lakh depending on the type of elevator and the process involved. The lift maintenance cost can be lower and raise depending on the work and replacements involved. Emperor lifts provides the lift maintenance services in chennai with affordable price that fullfil the customer needs.

3. How often should an elevator be serviced?

We always recommend routine inspection and maintenance of an elevator system to prevent mishaps from happening. They should be serviced periodically for lubrication, periodic adjustments and examination of components and machinery for safe and reliable operation.

4. How often should residential elevators be serviced?

As a general rule, home elevators need to be serviced at least once a year. This can save substantial repair costs and also add value to your investments in the long run. This also ensures the healthy and safe functioning of the elevator system.

5. What does a lift maintenance engineer do?

Lift engineers or lift technicians install, service, refurbish and monitor complex elevator machinery and components. They deal with all kinds of elevators such as passenger lifts, goods lifts, hydraulic lifts, residential lifts, MRL lifts and much more.

6. Who fixes an elevator?

Elevators are fixed and maintained by highly qualified lift engineers and technicians employed by Emperor lifts. They are well trained in complex elevator machinery from top institutions from India and overseas. They ensure the healthy functioning of an elevator.

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