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Home Elevator Installation & Service Information

Which type of hoistway do we need?

The hoistway is also commonly called the shaftway- The space that the elevator uses to travel vertically on the building, so you should be careful about the requirements of the elevator and its features for a hassle-free and looks-good elevator for your building. For instance, a standard idea for elevator space requirement is approximately five square feet. To get a detailed idea of the space requirements check reputable elevator websites to learn about the space requirements for an elevator installation, the space requirement slightly varies when compared with other elevators.

What are the other spaces that are required for a home elevator?

Commonly, an elevator needs a small room at the top of the elevator shaft known as a machine room. it also needs an overhead space, and a pit between 6’’ and 12’’ is necessary at the bottom of the elevator hoistway. It was about 96’ while measuring the top and bottom.
For safety and to support the weight of an elevator and its movements, a concrete pad is a must at the bottom of the pit. for a residential elevator,  for the perfect measurements, ensure that the measuring is from bottom to overhead.

Do home elevators require electrical work?

Of course, the elevator needs a separate power for transporting the car up and down. It needs a separate necessity power supply distinct from the residential basic electric supply. Moreover, specific work should be required like lighting and operation of the elevator.

Can a home elevator be installed in public places like worship?

A home elevator should be installed only for residential purposes. and is not suitable for public usage to be installed in any public place. For non-residential buildings, you can opt for commercial elevators that will meet the requirements of the usage of the public.

Do we need a building permit to install a home elevator?

Your elevator contractor should know about the building requirements, the local codes, and the inspection needed for installing home elevators in your building. A government permit and inspection are required for installing a home elevator.

How many floors or stops can my home elevator serve in the building?

It will based on the local code, model, brand, and requirements of the building with the guidance of your elevator contractor. It is designed to serve a maximum of 6 stops or floors in transportation in your building.

Is a multi-entry door available in a single elevator?

Yes, home elevators are available with three doors in a single elevator for in and out of a passenger. Personalizing this type of elevator model for your home will help you plan for every stop in different directions on every stop or floor in your building.

Do home elevators transport quickly?

Based on the jurisdictions, a home elevator is designed to function within certain safety limits and should not exceed the speed of 40 feet per minute.

Is it possible to retrofit an elevator in my current home?

It is advisable to contact your elevator contractor, they will guide you through the elevator installation process, once they have verified your residence, it may be suitable for retrofitting an elevator.

Service and Maintenance for home elevators 

You have installed a home elevator in your home or you buying a building with existing installations. It is not at all necessary to spend on maintenance as long as your elevator is running well without any hassle.

When the time of purchase, most dealers offer elevator maintenance and service, the service includes safety checks to ensure that the lift is working properly with the necessary maintenance and checks. If changes are needed, the technician replaces the worn parts and batteries.

It is always recommended to contact the elevator dealer from whom you purchased. They should find and address the issues. Maintaining the elevator in the above method will help your elevator at its durability and its long-running smoothly for a long period.

Emperor Lifts will deliver you an instruction about how to operate the elevator safely and its usage. Ensure that everyone in your home is familiar with the elevator’s driving controls and procedures to follow in the time of an emergency.

It is always better to keep your guide and instructions in a handy place for reference. Contact Emperor Lifts to get reliable offers and pleasing home elevator services, ensuring hassle-free installations, meeting space requirements, by adhering safety and long-lasting performance of the elevator.