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An enclosed shaft or a cabin that lifts the passenger vertically from one place to another quickly with a special operating system is called a passenger lift. There are a few characteristics one should know before installing the passenger lift in your home or a company. They are load capacity, space, design, types, safety features and lifetime operation. Passengers lift manufacturers must make sure of all these features to their customers.

  • Load Capacity
  • Space
  • Design
  • Types
  • Safety Features
  • Operating Lifetime
Key features of passenger lift

1. Load Capacity

The maximum number of people or freight that an elevator carries in a multistory building vertically in an extended period is called load capacity. Passenger lift capacity calculation can be estimated using the size of an adult or child who travels inside the lift. In a lift, the power of the motor driving determines the load capacity.

The capacity of the lift is calculated based on handling capacity. Handling capacity is calculated based on the formula (300 x Q x 100)/T x P. Handling capacity varies according to the high end of the building, the low end of the building and the mid-end of the building.

2. Space

Space in an elevator depends upon the size and cost. One must install the elevator in a residential or commercial setting based on the average number of people who use the elevator and the availability of space. Emperor lifts customize passenger lift size and dimensions as per customers demand. Our technical team makes sure that we do the best lift service.

Passenger lift

3. Design

Based on the requirement the dimension of an elevator varies. As the dimension varies the design of the elevator also varies accordingly. Let it be residential or commercial, designs add beauty to an elevator. Passenger lift design is aesthetically pleasing when installed using an interior decorator or an architect.

Emperor lifts have professional architects who can help you and meet your demands. Cost of passenger lift varies As there are different designs, types and sizes, the passenger lift price varies accordingly.

4. Types

From normal people to physically challenged people, anyone can use an elevator. passenger lift for home are Machine room lifts, MRL (Machine room-less) lifts, hydraulic lifts, passengers lift, dumb waiter lift, vacuum lift etc.

In residential elevators, people with mobility problems can access this lift. As there are many types of lift the passenger lift dimensions also vary. Emperor Lifts customises many types of passenger lift in the best price in a customized service.

5. Safety Features

The gear and the piston plays a major role in the shaft system and that needs regular maintenance. A passenger hydraulic lift must have an emergency exit, buzzers, telephone and fire extinguisher for the safety of the person and the lift. The alarm system is a must one, that any type of elevator must-have. Emperor Lifts customises many types of lift and that is the reason we are the best passenger lift manufacturers in India.

6. Operating Lifetime

The number of starts per hour determines the operating lifetime of a lift. The operating lifetime of a lift is less in malls, multi-storey buildings, home passenger lift and hospitals because passengers use it consistently. But in dumbwaiter lift or residential elevators, the operating lifespan of a lift is high because they aren’t used often when compared to other types of lifts.

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