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The existence of hydraulic lifts dates back to the 1930s, to be more precise one can say it has been in usage from the second half of the 20th Century. These lifts are more preferred over their electric counterpart that can carry many loads traveling to multistoried buildings. In any organization, carrying loads and transportation has been a great concern for the functioning of good logistics.

A constant need and concern for safety have made engineers change the design and structure of these “engineered travel-easy machines” AKA lifts, to upgrade to secure usage. Hence these electric lifts have been taken over by these hydraulic lifts.

Hydraulic Lifts

What are Hydraulic Lifts?

Hydraulic lifts are designed to give a flexible movement that could carry many objects and people with easy fluidity. They are lifts that work on the principle of moving objects up and down where an electric pump pushes oil on the cylinder that helps the piston move upward. They are extensively used in high storied buildings the maximum being eight stories high. They travel at a speed of 200 ft. /min. Hydraulic lifts are cheaper to install when compared to traction lifts.

Advantages of Hydraulic lifts

  • They are cheaper to install than other elevators.
  • They are cost-effective even when installed for buildings with a lesser number of floors.
  • Require a smaller space in a building requiring about 10% less area for the lift shaft.
  • Hydraulics provides more lifting capacity (lifting force). They are more energy-efficient.
  • The functionality of hydraulic lifts provides user-friendly working methods making them comfortable for users.
  • Their evacuation procedures during emergencies are simple and safe.
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Some disadvantages of Hydraulic lifts

  • The oil emitted from the hydraulic lifts sometimes, can contaminate the soil causing groundwater pollution.
  • They require machine control rooms to control the emission of heat from their piston systems.
  • They also emit a pungent smell due to overuse and heat.
  • If the fluids leak in hot temperature areas, chances are that they may catch fire.
  • Maintenance costs may be higher for these lifts.
  • They become obsolete when overused and can lack speed.

They need to be regularly maintained for safe and smooth functionality. Having mentioned the advantages and disadvantages, hydraulics lift is the most commonly used elevators across commercial, industries, and residential purposes. The reason it is the most preferred is due to its reliable nature. Hydraulic lifts manufacturers in chennai are undoubtedly the best model preferred and commonly used among the public. Emperorlifts manufacturers the best hydraulic lifts in chennai.

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