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The cost of elevator installation varies according to the type and the size of the elevator fixed. The factors that affect the elevator installation and maintenance are building dimension, construction work, travel distance, cabin finish, building specification, lift work, number of stops and level of automation. Based on the elevator manufacturers and location of the elevator fixed the lift maintenance cost in India varies.

The dumbwaiter elevator installation cost is less when compared to a machine room-less elevator. This is because the former needs a machine room and the latter doesn’t need a machine room. In this article, we will discuss in brief the factors affecting the price of elevators, elevator cost in Bangalore and the elevator installation process.

Factors that determines elevator cost


According to the location of the elevator placed, one can estimate the cost of an industrial freight elevator. The elevator must be located in a way that it is corresponding to the building dimension and the establishment type. The elevator service also varies based on the type of elevator placed in an establishment.


The height of the elevator depends on the type of elevator that one install in their establishment. For example in residential establishments, installing a dumbwaiter elevator requires less space both width and height, whereas the hydraulic and home lift in a residential establishment requires more space thus the height of the elevator matters the most.


Before installing an elevator, lift manufacturers must hold an elevator safety book and let the customers know about the capacity and load that the elevator cab can carry. One must follow the elevator rules after installing in their establishment to avoid mishaps.


The size of an elevator plays a major role in installing an elevator. The standard size of an elevator is 6.5 feet deep. When compared to hydraulic lifts like home lifts and machine room-less elevators the size of a pneumatic elevator is small thus the price varies accordingly.

Style and Design

The structure, style and design of an elevator are the main components of installing an elevator. One can install different styles and designs of an elevator based on the type of establishment and their convenience. The cost of an elevator varies based on the style and design that one fixes in their establishment.

Elevator installation cost

After-market services

The main factor that elevator manufacturers must know after installing an elevator is the cost, the lifespan of an elevator and elevator maintenance. Maintenance of elevator includes servicing of a damaged part like control, contacts, brakes switches and generators. Lift cost in Bangalore varies according to the height, style design, capacity and height of an elevator.

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