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Machine Room Less elevators are basically traction-based elevators without a machine room. In the machine room-less lifts the hoistway is fixed at the top. Machine room-less elevators work based on gearless synchronous motors and traction induction motors. The key benefits of the Machine Room Less elevator include saving space, no need for hydraulic oil, energy-saving of the motor, safety and reliability of the lift. In this article let’s look in detail at the key benefits of Machine Room Less lift.

Machine room less elevators

Save space

One of the major advantages of MRL traction elevators is that they have space inside the shaft because they have no machine room. MRL lifts are simpler in construction when compared to machine room elevators, dumbwaiter elevators and hydraulic elevators. Rooftop construction for the MRL elevator is not required and thus leads to saving space and construction time.

No Need for Hydraulic Oil

The usage of oil in elevators leads to leakage and spills. In Machine Room Less elevators there are no such risks because there is no need for hydraulic oil. To protect the environment, the oil used in hydraulic elevators is produced using biomass. The absence of oil aids in the avoidance of many elevator-related issues.

Elevators Doors

Energy saving

Machine Room Less elevators are mainly known for their less consumption of energy. When compared to the hydraulic elevator, machine room elevator, or dumbwaiter elevator the energy consumption is 50 per cent less in the Machine Room Less elevator. The work of the motor in the elevator is also less when compared to other elevators. Thus one can install Machine Room Less elevator instead of other types of elevator and save power consumption in their establishment.

MRL elevators background

Machine Room Less elevators are environmentally friendly in nature. The conventional geared engines in the Machine Room Less elevator are economical and eco friendly. Emperor Lifts is known for the best quality elevators and thus marking us one of the best MRL elevator in Chennai.

safe and reliable

Machine Room Less elevators are safe, and they are smooth in operation. One can also rely on installing Machine Room Less elevators when their old elevator is damaged. Machine Room Less elevators are more durable in nature than other conventional elevators. Our well-trained technicians make certain that the parts in the MRL elevator are safe and reliable thus we are one of the tops manufacturers for MRL lifts in Tamil Nadu.

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