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An enclosed shaft where passengers travel from one floor to another vertically is called a passenger lift. Passenger lifts can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings. There are many factors to be considered before installing the passenger lift. They are the dimensions and size of the passenger Elevators, load Capacity of a Lift, passenger lift dimensions and range, size and shape of the lift. A typical residential elevator dimension usually varies from 3 wide by 4 deep (91 x 1.22 m)

Passenger lift

Dimensions and size of the passenger Elevators

Passenger lift dimensions vary according to the place of installation. Commercial lift needs more space and residential elevators need less space. Also, residential lifts have a long life when compared to commercial lifts because of their usage. When the dimension of the establishment varies, the passenger lift size also varies accordingly. Emperor lifts customizes various types of passenger lift according to space and size as per customers demand.

Load Capacity of a Lift

The dimension and size of an elevator load capacity is a crucial factor in the lift. People who install the passenger elevator must know the bearing capacity of an elevator and avoid overloading goods or passengers. If you overload, then the longevity of the lift becomes low. A typical load capacity of an elevator varies from 2100 lbs to 2500 lbs. Passenger lift manufacturers make sure that they install between these numbers for the safety of passengers.

A passenger lift range that suits to all shapes and sizes

Passenger lifts cover all shapes and sizes irrespective of a commercial or residential building. Our technicians and architectural designers make certain that they install lift as per customers needs. Emperor lifts are manufacturing elevators in all sizes and shapes since 1996 and we are the best passenger lift manufacturers in Chennai with the passenger lift dimensions and accurate size in a customized service that satisfy the customer needs.

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