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Did you know? The first elevator was built in the palace of King Louis XV in the year 1947. It became more popular during the second half of the 20th Century.

Space Requirement for Elevators

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Earlier elevators were installed only in big mansions. Nowadays it has become a basic necessity and not only big mansions but every home requires a small lift that is cost-friendly, customized, neatly engineered at the same time looking beautiful and meeting all your needs. Space is one thing that we all think about before constructing any building bungalow or small apartment.

While constructing an elevator, and especially for home lifts it is important and essential to know the space requirements to be it a new building or an existing one. This is the first step that any builder analyses to design accordingly. Elevators can be designed and customized as per your requirements. These days, many elevators cater to each, every need, necessity, and luxury.

To decide on the space requirement you need to answer a few questions

  • Firstly, How many persons (maximum) will be using a lift?
  • Will the lift be used to move heavy objects?

Medical requirements

If you plan to accommodate or transport persons with wheelchair dependency or any medical ailment you may require more space.

Extra features

You can design an elevator as per your needs but you may require the necessary space for extra fittings.

Different types of elevators to consider for your homes

Machine room-less elevators

Machine room-less elevators or MRL elevators, work in the mechanism of a drive and controller which is located in the hoistway. It can be beneficial for those who have space constraints as it doesn’t require a machine room. It can hold a capacity of 2100 lbs to 3500 lbs with stoppings of 2 to 25.

Hydraulic elevators

They typically use a hydraulic piston to move up and down the elevator car. They are used in low to mid-rise buildings of 2-8 stories and travel at a speed of 200 ft. /min. They are typically used to carry the heavy-duty load. It offers a smooth and quiet ride quality.

Vacuum elevators

They function on the principle of air pressure. They use air pressure to move up and down the car. The smallest of this model is PVE30. It has the smallest footprint of any home elevator that can hold a capacity of 350 lb (159 kg) with a travel of up to 50ft and 5 stops. This might be the best buy for those with space constraints. It can be installed in an existing building (retrofit) or a new building based on the requirement.

Shaft-less elevators

It is the most economical of all that can be installed in a 2 story building inside your home. It can be easily installed, retrofit into existing homes requiring the least amount of space. This elevator is budget-friendly adding simplicity to your homes. It is so convenient that some elevators can be placed almost anywhere in a home.

The suitable elevator for your home will be the one that ticks these criteria like convenience, space, floor plan, and site condition. Choosing an elevator suitable to your requirements and meeting all your needs can be exhaustive and cumbersome; we at Emperor Lifts are here to guide you through the process and make you buy a happy experience. Reach out to us should you have any queries about installing an elevator at your homes.

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