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Are you looking for the Best Elevator for your Home?

Have you ever wondered about the work of a home elevator? Disability, sickness, and elderhood are the reasons for not letting you do normal work. Many senior members only opt for the single phase of their dream home or trust some caretaker to take them to the required places in their home. But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore, Stop worrying and start expanding your mind and exploration from the home.

What are the advantages of installing a home elevator?

Switching to using an elevator instead of navigating stairs gives benefits to adults with less movability who are able to activate them without requiring assistance from the caretaker to take them whether they are using a wheelchair or standing. Great execution for the person with disabilities for easy access to transporting from one floor to another floor.

  • Provide easy mobility access to adults moving from one floor to another floor
  • It Improves the look of your home
  • It also increases the worth and value of your dream home

When you are choosing an elevator for your residential project, modern home elevators use 6 different mechanisms to transport passengers. There are several models and features available for the home elevator, you can opt for the right elevator for your residential area based on the space area, budget, mobility, and design. 

Here is a detailed explanation of majorly used home elevators to address your concerns and it may be the key to selecting the right one for your requirements.

Six different types of Home elevators are:

  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Winding drum elevators
  • Machine roomless elevators
  • Glass or panoramic elevators
  • Shaftless elevators
  • Vacuum tube elevators

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are the standard type of elevators that are commonly used by customers. Hydraulic pistons are used to raise and lower the car with a slight jitter or shake in the machine parts and it is completely safe for the passengers to use even in a sudden power shutdown also hydraulic fluids slowly drain into the fluid reservoir, allowing the elevator to move in their desired stops.

Hydraulic lifts are capacitated to more than 750 pounds to 1000 pounds in a standard elevator model. You can use the extra weight also like wheelchairs or other utilities under the home. In case extra action is required it also is done based on your need for your home. It has also been a most popular home elevator since at least the 1960s with the feature of driving smoothly and silently while transporting.

Winding Drum Elevators

Winding drum elevators are simple and usually quit during car transportation. A medium-sized car is connected to the shaft using a winch and pulley system to operate the elevator to hoist up and down the car.

Moreover, installing a winding drum elevator is a more involved process compared to installing a hydraulic lift. It operates through the torsion of steel cables which are overbuilt to enhance safety, when compared to hydraulic lifts that have a minimal weight capacity. Standard winding drum elevators typically have capacities ranging from 500 to 700 pounds.

Glass or Panoramic Elevators

It is not the only thing to opt for a lift just for the functionality and use of elevators in the home but also every house owner desires to enhance the elegant look of the elevator making it a prominent feature in the house.

Glass elevators are also available in various shapes, sizes, and designs featuring clear sides in both the shaft and the cab. The glass is easy to maintain and durable. These types of elevators are used to modify easily with the previous elevator as freestanding retrofit residential elevators.

Shaftless Elevators

Shaftless elevators are the simplest and provide a decent look for your home. These models use lift functionality between two floors. Some of them choose this elevator to take them directly from downstairs to their bedroom. With this type of elevator, there is no need to come out from the other space once you come out from the elevator. Because the shaftless elevator should point to simplicity, space efficiency, and durability. These elevators are special among various lift manufacturers.

Vacuum Tube Elevators

Vacuum elevators resemble round tubes shaped in a glass view. It is a well-liked elevator in the market, operating through the use of a vacuum tube for the pressure vertical movement.

Vacuum tube elevators come under three typical models: PVE30, PVE37, and PVE52. The number behind the models denotes the diameter of the elevator. These elevators can carry a weight capacity of up to 400 to 525 pounds. it doesn’t require a need for a machine room or pit as a result it saves a lot of space. 

(MRL)Machine Roomless Elevators

If you don’t have particularly limited space or are not able to allocate the space for the machine room separately, you can opt for MRL(Machine room-less elevators), it doesn’t require a separate space to hoist the drive system and have capacities equivalent to winding drum elevators. With this design, we can transport 5 adults per time. This mechanism is most often used by the mechanism of a counterweight pulley system or cable-driven system.


When choosing an elevator for your project whether it is for residential or commercial purposes.  You have to consider the things that come under space, sound, mobility, and cost. Emperor Lifts which was the lift manufacturers is a well-established manufacturer in the market to guide you through all your elevator requirements, and installations.