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The lift maintenance cost usually depends upon various factors like hours of service, building location, type of building, equipment height and peak demand. The peak demand in an elevator includes the arrival rate, population and pattern. In this article, we have listed a few of such factors in detail.

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Types of elevator maintenance contract

The lift maintenance is based on the equipment covered. Components of an elevator play a key role in elevator maintenance. There are three types of lift maintenance services contracts they are full-service contract, partial service contract, and oil & grease contract. Repairing and replacing costs may vary according to the manufacturers.

Hours of service

Hours of Elevator maintenance services may vary based on the equipment that is repaired or replaced. The replacement is based on different types of elevators. The services of an elevator usually depend upon the type and model of the elevator you install in your establishment. There is much complex equipment that is installed inside an elevator like malfunctioning door alarms, fire extinguishers, cable-driven pulleys, the sheave, control unit, machine drive and guide rail.

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Elevator Maintenance Contract Modifiers

This guide is a complete view of elevator maintenance contract modifiers. The modifiers include,

  • Remote monitoring
  • Elevator service data
  • Emergency service request
  • Test for emergency power
  • Fire service operation test
  • Load test for category (1,5) elevators
  • Tooling in the elevator
  • Back up power in an elevator
  • Insurance and warranty of an elevator

These are a few factors one must know about the lift installation and maintenance process.

Equipment type

The apparatus in an elevator varies for different models of an elevator. Equipment such as a machine room with traction, machine room-less (MRL) elevators, vacuum elevator and a hydraulic elevator is installed in both residential and commercial buildings. The AC and DC motor are different types of equipment installed in various models of an elevator. Emperor Lifts do the best service with the affordable lift maintenance cost.

Height of the building

The height of the building depends upon the shaft in an elevator. Only 8 shafts can be attached in any establishment. Regular maintenance for an elevator is mandatory. If the shaft exceeds up to 4 floors, then the special service of an elevator plays a key role. The cost of lift maintenance depends upon the height of the building.

Type of the building

Elevators can be installed in both residential and commercial establishments. Buildings such as storage buildings, mercantile buildings and industrial buildings install different types of elevators. Lift installation varies based on the variable speed operation. Buildings that are built high have geared or gearless machine elevators. The reduction gearbox drives the electric motor and shaft in an elevator.

Location of the building

An elevator must be installed only by trained technicians and elevator manufacturers. The placement where an elevator is installed in a residential and commercial building plays a major factor. The lift maintenance cost and repair is based on location.
When concerned about the dimension of the building the traffic flux is the significant factor for installing the elevator.


Hours of service, equipment type, the height of the building, type of building and location of a building are a few factors that lift maintenance companies must know before installing the elevator in any type of building. The lift maintenance cost will depends on the lift size and dimensions which is based on the customers need.

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